driverserve is an easy to use repository for device drivers that run under Microsoft Windows operating systems. We pride ourselves on having an extensive collection of quality releases and we host the majority of files so you won’t be hunting down long lost links that lead to nowhere.

We make a best effort attempt to make sure that all of the software we host is virus free and continuously monitor our collection to ensure that every file can be trusted.

If you’re unsure of how to find a driver for your particular device you can try our handy search bar.

If you can’t find a driver for your specific piece of hardware we’d like to apologize, there are many tens of thousands of devices out there we have to seek out drivers for.
In general we host drivers for Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 so if you need software for earlier versions you’ll have to look elsewhere.

General Tips

If you’re having trouble using the latest version of a driver you might want to try an earlier version which may be more stable.

Mixing and matching your OS and driver support is generally a bad idea. Attempting to run a 64bit driver in a 32bit operating sytem won’t work. Similarly trying out a Windows 8 driver on Windows XP could cause unforeseen problems, if it works at all, since they belong to completely different OS families. On the other hand trying out a 64bit Vista driver on a 64bit Windows 8 install may have a chance for success since they are in the same family. It’s best to stick with supported versions but if you’re in a bind experimenting with drivers might get things working.