AMD’s Crimson ReLive Edition Software Goes Beyond Drivers

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Graphics chip companies are in an unenviable position when it comes to supporting their products. They have tight deadlines to provide enhanced support for new video games and to fix any bugs that pop up, of which there seem to be an unending supply. There’s also the problem of adding extras to their graphics cards software that might seem like some added value but many users may not specifically need or want.

AMD has dug a little deeper with their new Crimson ReLive Edition driver which includes several enhancements that many users will welcome on their gaming machines.

Here’s a look at their intro video:

The company looked into what useful features they could include that wouldn’t bog down systems and, in some cases, provide power savings and some welcome performance improvements.

Radeon ReLive is their integrated gaming capture and streaming software that promises minimal impact while recording your gameplay locally or while sharing it on popular streaming sites. Improved performance and removing the need for dedicated streaming software should be a welcome benefit to the casters out there.

AMD didn’t stop there and has worked in some extra software they’re labeling Radeon Chill. The idea behind the software uses some clever tricks to slow down your card’s framerate based on the in-game scene movement. If there  isn’t much action going on it cuts back on the frames produced lowering your GPU’s power usage up to 31%. Should the action kick back in it’ll ramp the framerate back up so you keep your smooth gameplay going.

Lastly they’re extending Radeon WattMan support from the 400 series on down to select cards all the way back to the R7 260 series. WattMan provides precise overclocking controls which can help you eek out as much performance as you’re willing to dare.

It’s not often that drivers are exciting, aside from fixes to long standing issues, but these should be a nice bonus to people running the graphics cards the software supports.

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